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New to the area? Discover Baza and some of its surroundings, watch the videos below and take a look at the Baza Tourist Office Website and videos of the local area at our Videos Page.

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Professional music conservatory

The Professional Music Conservatory in Baza has been functioning since academic year 2001/2002. Courses include:

Strings: violin¸ viola¸ cello¸ bass¸ guitar¸ piano.

Winds: trumpet¸ oboe¸ clarinet¸ flute.

C/ Blas Infante n? 9
18.800 de Baza (Granada)

C/ Santa Mar?a del Buen Aire¸ 7
18500 GUADIX (Granada)

Public system teaching dependant on the regional government. Courses offered in:

Piano¸ Guitar¸ Violin¸ Viola¸ Cello¸ Bass and Trumpet. .

In both centres registration requirements are as follows:

- Photocopy ID.
- Family information.
- Scholarship application.

- Children: Older than 8 - basic knowledge¸ quite accessible.
- Adults: Exams involving instrument knowledge¸ theory and practice.

" REGISTRATION DATES ": 1 - 30 April


Music Conservatory Baza

Music Conservatory Guadix

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