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New to the area? Discover Baza and some of its surroundings, watch the videos below and take a look at the Baza Tourist Office Website and videos of the local area at our Videos Page.

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   20.685 local residents

    The ancient town of Baza dominates the trough of the valley that takes its name¸ and is located in the face of Sierra de Baza Natural Park of 52¸337 hectares. It has been described as a real "climatic island" due to its water resources and dense vegetation. Its heights reach over 2¸000 m¸ which contrasts the surrounding area. This monumental town shows visitors all the different cultures that were once in those lands through its historical artistic heritage portrayed in stone.

        Many archaeological remains from Prehistoric times through to the Iberians and Romans have been found in this area meant expelling the Moors and the end of the coexistence of three cultures: Muslim¸ Catholic and Jewish¸ which had been a constant feature in Al-Andalus for the past eight centuries.
There is data that seems to prove that Miguel de Cervantes was in Baza as an Executor of the Royal Treasury around 1604. 

        Set against the backdrop the Sierra Baza¸ the Baza area offers some of the most spectacular scenery Spain has to offer. Whether you want the rugged mountain snow capped views¸ the tumbling water falls¸  enchanting hidden valleys with shallow running rivers¸ olive & almond treed slopes or picturesque lakes¸ the ?Highlands? of Granada offer some of the most stunning¸ and breathtaking views on offer to rival anywhere in the world.

        The surrounding landscapes of the Baza and Lake Negratin areas can only be described as stunning.  Contrast is the key feature of the surrounding area ? varying from the cobalt blue coloured lake to a Grand Canyon-like backdrop on the north shore of the lake to the wooded southern slope of Mount Jabalc?n with its hot springs and wildlife.  Beyond the lake to west lies a moon-like badlands landscape followed in the horizon by the snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada.  Just minutes either to the north or south lies the immense Cazorla National park known for its waterfalls and wildlife and to the south Sierra Baza known for its wooded mountains¸ deer and flora.



            Grand Fair¸ celebrated from the 6th to the 15th of September¸ in honour of the Virgen de la Piedad¸ with the participation of Cascamorras. This character¸ dating back several centuries¸ leaves from Guadix to try to take the Virgen de Baza¸ and on his way¸ the public pursue the character by throwing paint at him in order to tarnish his image on arrival at Baza¸ preventing him from stealing the image.


           Olla matancera. Rin-ran (dish made of bread¸ tomatoes¸ oil¸ vinegar¸ garlic¸ eggs¸ etc). Gurullos con perdiz (partridge and pasta dish). Pork Leg cooked in garlic. Green asparagus omelette. Migas serranas (Dish made with bread¸ bacon¸ oil and garlic). Testuz (Dish made with broad beans and green beans). Gurupina (dish made of cod with potatoes).

Sweets: Gachas (Sweet porridge). Bienmesabe (Sponge cake made of sugar almonds¸ eggs and cinnamon). Torrijas (Sweet made with bread¸ milk¸ sugar¸ lemon¸ cinnamon¸ brandy and eggs).
Bu?uelos. Chocolate rolls.




Restored balconies


     Health Center            Important monuments

  Palacio de los Enr?quez




    Park of Alameda

Baza's water fountains:  Click here




    Music conservatory






    Weekly street market (on wednesdays)


    "Pedro Jim?nez Montoya"  high school


    "Instituto Jos? de Mora" high school



    Uned (Distance University)



    Sports pavillion


    Baza Area Athletics         

Location of Baza


Aerial views

Where is Baza located?

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Map of towns and villages in the area




How to arrive to Baza from England ? 

      To travel to Spain from England¸ you could either fly or go by land and sea.

              By air: The two closest international airports are Alicante and M?laga. Both cities connect to Baza by motorway.


 From Alicante    To Baza

288 km






 From M?laga    To Baza

213 km





    By land and sea: If you are able to enjoy a more leisurely journey with your own vehicle¸ you could take a ferry to Santander and drive down through Spain to Andalucia.



From Santander       To Baza

 848 km



                Distances from Baza to places of interest by car:

 From Baza   To ?guilas Beach

151 km motorway

 From Baza    To Marbella Beach 

272 km motorway

 From Baza   To Moj?car Beach

120 km

 From Baza   To Granada City

96 km motorway

 From Baza    To Madrid City

 429 km motorway



For more information on routes and getting to Baza look at the following address:


Take a look at the videos!

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