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New to the area? Discover Baza and some of its surroundings, watch the videos below and take a look at the Baza Tourist Office Website and videos of the local area at our Videos Page.

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                    Rusticom maintains a close ties with education providers in the region.  We can offer details of the education options available for children as well as adults.  As many of our clients arrive with children or arrive with beginning Spanish skills¸ we consider it important to dedicate a section to Education.   

  • For those families that are interested in integrating their children in Spanish society.

    In many cases¸ with dedication¸ your child will be able to maintain a conversation in Spanish in one year or less. Within 2 years they can be fluent and are many times the best teachers for their own interested parents. Looking to the future¸ bi-lingual children will have the option of choosing between a wide array of employment possibilities in Spain and internationally.

Rusticom Services

-         Specialised individual assessments of the best schooling options for each child.  Information about teaching methods used by teachers of non-Spanish speaking children is also available. 

-         Registration of your child at the local school.

Primary (6/12 a?os); Secondary (12/16 a?os) y Baccalaureate (16/18 a?os).

-         Copies of registration documents.

-         Lists of education centres in your area.


  • For those interested in pursuing their university degree: (classes are typically taught in Spanish)

There are two options available in the Baza and Guadix area:

1: Through the University of Granada Distance University in Baza ?UNED?:

    Click to view the official web page in English of ?UNED?.

2: Through the University of Granada:

   Click to view the various degrees available from the University of Granada.

   Click to view the official web page in English of ?University of Granada?.


Rusticom Services

-         Information regarding registration requirements for foreign residents and the characteristics of the chosen study.


  • For those who simply would like to learn Spanish:

If it is your intention to open your own business¸ work in the region or simply to carry on a conversation in Spanish¸ various options are available.


Rusticom Services

-         We can provide our clients with a list of local professors and teachers of Spanish as a Second Language.  Clients can consult prices and services directly with no obligation.

-         Another option with good characteristics and flexibility is the Spanish as a Second Language course available through the ?UNED? in Baza.

Click here for more information.

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