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N? of inhabitants: 20.322¸ distance from Granada: 59 km

    Guadix¸ a natural path between Levante and Andalusia¸ is one of the oldest human settlements in Spain.  Guadix is now one of the principal market cities in northern Granada.
The troglodyte habitat is certainly developed in Guadix and cave-dwellings characterize districts such as: Ermitas and Cuevas. It is worth mentioning the New Hermitage¸ where the cave of Father Poveda and the cave-museum of art and traditions depicting the local handicraft and industries can be found. Close to this part of town is the viewpoint of La Magdalena¸ from where spectacular views can be observed.
This monumental town preserves interesting historic-artistic heritage like the Alcazaba (Moorish castle)¸ listed as a National Monument¸ displaying 11th century towers with magnificent views over the valley and Sierra Nevada. Guadix contains religious architecture of great interest¸ such as the Cathedral and the Churches of Santa Ana¸ Santo Domingo and San Francisco.

    Guadix is one of the oldest human settlements in Spain. Since the first Phoenician and Carthaginian incursions¸ it was named Acci¸ which would derive its present name¸ Wadi or Guad Acci.

     It was an important Roman colony¸ called Julia Gemella Acci¸ and one of the first Christian dioceses in Spain.

     Under Muslim rule¸ the city acquired the Arab urban layout¸ which still prevails in some streets. In the 11th and 12th centuries¸ Wadi Acci became together with Baza¸ one of the most flourishing taifas (small kingdoms) in Al-Andalus¸ which disappeared due to the fundamentalist Almohad movement.



    Cu?as de San Ant?n. Migas (dish made of bread¸ garlic¸ oil and bacon). Gachas (salty porridge). Guadix style soup. Pickled partridge. Papas a lo pobre (fried peppers¸ onions and potatoes). Sustento. Talbinas. Rabbit cooked in garlic. Caz?n con tomate (dogfish in tomato sauce).

    Sweets: Tocinillos de cielo (custard and caramel dessert). Rice pudding.
Egg custard.


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