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   Population 8¸013

        This important village is located at the half-way point between Granada and Murcia at 953 m of altitude in a fertile valley at the foothills of Sierra de La Sagra mountain range near Lakes Clemente and Castril. In the village¸ visitors can see the Church of Santa María¸ a listed National Monument¸ which keeps inside a priceless object¸ the monstrance known as Torrecilla Alta; the 16th century Colegiata de la Encarnación and the numerous ancient homes still preserved with significant architectonic interest.

         At 9 km from the old town towards the sanctuary of the patron saints of Huéscar¸ St Alodia and Nunilón¸ lies the Salto del Moro¸ a famous rock in this region for its peculiar shape¸ followed by the Piedra del Letrero¸ so called for its Prehistoric paintings.
Nearby the old town are the popular Baths of Fuencaliente¸ a water spring that emanates from the earth and forms a sort of natural pool that always keeps the same temperature (around 18C).

    Interesting Fact

            On the 11th of November 1981¸ surprisingly was when the "Peace Agreement with Denmark" was signed¸ as reported by the media. Thanks to research carried out by D. Vicente González Barberán on the history of Huéscar¸ he found that this municipality declared war to Denmark on the 11th of November 1809. Taking into account that a war never finishes until the peace agreement is signed¸ it was logical to put an end to this anachronism. Therefore¸ Huéscar authorities decided on the 7th of July 1981 to start peace talks with the Danish authorities aiming to re-establish peace after 172 years of war. This fact bonded both¸ Huéscar and Denmark¸ by making this Andalusian town and Kolding twin cities.


  Other towns in the region


                     Beautiful and historic village located just outside of Huescar.  Known internationally for its many cave homes and archaeological digs. 



                         Easy access to Galera is guaranteed by the nearby motorway AUTOVIA-92 (A-92) which crosses Andalucia from east to west.

  • From Seville/Málaga: direction Granada¸ continuing (without entering into Granada) towards Murcia¸ leave the motorway about 21 km after passing Baza¸ exit Cullar.

  • From Barcelona- Valencia: AUTOVIA DEL MEDITERRANEO A-7 (N-340) to A-92 Direction Andalucia-Granada leaving the motorway at the Cullar exi.

  • From Madrid: AUTOVIA DE VALENCIA A-3 until Albacete- follow direction Murcia until Venta de Olivo- turn right direction Calasparra¸ Caravaca until Caravaca - turn right direction Andalucia¸ Puebla D. Fadrique¸ Huescar¸ Galera.


Kilometers to:
Granada 150 Km.
Madrid 550 Km.
Almería 190 Km.
Cazorla 145 Km.


        In the Hoya de Baza¸ in the eastern most point¸ on the existent depression between the mountain ranges of Sierra Encantada¸ to the North and Sierra Umbría¸ and to the south¸ lies Orce¸ a worldwide famous town due to the discovery in 1976 in Venta Micena¸ a dependent village of Orce¸ of a first class archaeological and palaeontological site¸ where in 1982 the so called "Man of Orce"¸ the skull of a boy¸ was found. It may be a million and a half years old¸ thus being the oldest remains in Europe.  Places of Interest:  An exceptional town centre¸ Public Fountains¸ Cave Homes¸ Palaeontological Complex of Orce  located in the 11 century castle located in the town centre.

Fuencaliente hot springs pool

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