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Popular local children?s games


Simple and fun local games played by children 6 - 12 years old. Try them with your friends! 




  Form two teams.  A volunteer with a handkerchief stands in the centre between the two teams.  Each team assigns a secret number to each of its players from 1-15.  Before starting¸ each team must stand behind the line on their side. 

The volunteer in the centre says a number between 1 and 15. The team members that have that number run to the centre to grab the handkerchief.  The one that first grabs the handkerchief has to return to his team without being touched by the opposing team member.  If the team member with the handkerchief returns to his team lines without being touched by the opposing team member his team will receive a point.  Be careful!  If the opposing team member touches you before arriving back to your team¸ the opposing team receives a point.








   All team members within the play zone and one volunteer with his eyes closed (no cheating!) or covered.  He will be the Blind Chicken. 

The blind chicken searches and tries to grab someone in the zone ? remember you can?t leave the zone.  When he manages to grab someone¸ he must figure out who the person is by touch only.  If he guesses the right¸ that player then becomes the chicken.  








    Two teams. Form a zone similar to the picture ? basketball and volleyball courts work well.  Behind each zone is the ?cemetery? area.

Each team will throw the ball at an opposing team member¸ trying to strike them with the ball.  If a player is hit he is ?dead? and must go to the the area behind the opposing team?s line ?the cemetery?.  Players in the ?cemetery? can rejoin their team if they are able to strike an opposing team member.


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