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New to the area? Discover Baza and some of its surroundings, watch the videos below and take a look at the Baza Tourist Office Website and videos of the local area at our Videos Page.

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          Water and wells                 

  Although it is not well known¸ the areas of Baza

and Guadix are rich in water resources and natural springs.  The geographic situation of these towns is in the centre of a number of mountainous natural parks such as Sierra Baza¸ Sierra Nevada¸ Sierra de Carzola¸ Sierra de la Sagra¸ Sierra de Castril and Sierra de Filabres among others creates a basin.  An innumerable number of streams¸ rivers and springs allow for green valleys¸ irrigated orchards and three large local lakes ? Lake Negratin¸ Lake Bolera and Lake San Clemente.  Besides unmatched scenery¸ water sports such as swimming¸ boating¸ canoeing¸ fishing¸ windsurf and skiing can be practised during the entire year. 




  Because of the location or age of some of the properties listed at Rusticom they do not have a current city or well water supply.  This should not be viewed as a reason for deciding against the purchase of your ?perfect? property.   The quality and availability of underground water in the area often makes drilling a well or bore hole a viable option.   The cost of a new well will typically run between 1.000-8.000 Euros.  Often times the price savings you can receive on a property that doesn?t have water will more than cover the cost of drilling a well.  

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                                                                Baza's water fountains:  Click here


Hot water mineral springs and spas

    After a long day of property hunting¸ visitors are often pleasantly surprised to find that there are a number of local therapeutic hot water mineral springs and spas.  Options are available from professional full service spas to hidden away pools in the middle of the countryside.  Local waters are used to help relieve the symptoms of some of the following afflictions:   Rheumatism¸ arthritis¸ neuritis¸ asthma and allergies¸ chronic bronchitis¸ sinusitis¸ dermatological afflictions and everyday stress.

Some local springs and spas include: 


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