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                          Information on the local area         


  Spain has been a popular destination for tourists from all over the world for many years¸ but now¸ due the relaxing of the European market and country borders¸ it is also becoming the desired place of residence for many European citizens.


  People from the United Kingdom who are looking for a this peaceful place such as this with its many advantages including the low cost of living and a favourable climate¸ will find they could experience a better quality of life here.


  For these reasons¸ the purchase and sale of rural property is a growing business and a good choice economically.



   The city of Granada is the stunning capital of this province of Andalucia.  In addition to this city's rich culture and history ( La Alhambra is the most visited monument in Spain) ¸ the province can offer numerous other tourist attractions¸ such as National Parks (including the Sierra Nevada which¸ snow capped all year¸ held the World Skiing Champions in 1996); the Mediterranean sea; health resorts¸ beautiful villages and a delicious local cuisine.






  The zone known as the 'Altiplano de Granada' consists of the regions of Baza and Hu?scar. Villages in the Region of  Baza are: Baza¸ Benamaurel¸ Caniles¸ Cortes de Baza¸ Cuevas del Campo¸ C?llar¸ Freila and Z?jar.



  The market town of Baza¸ a crossroads of the two civilizations¸ the Moors and the Christians¸  is a mix of curious old streets and monumental buildings (including some Moor?sh quarters) . North from Baza¸  between lush green valleys and vertiginous cliffs¸ is the village of Benamaurel with its famous Moslen caves; Castillejar¸ nearby¸ is located between the rivers of Guardal and Bravata¸ it is a town with quiet streets and tranquil squares. C?llar has Roman origins and maintains many of its ancient traditions¸ whilst  Z?jar is an agricultural town¸  located at the foot of the striking Cerro Jabalc?n¸ from where you have a magnificent panorama of the whole region and the Pantano del Negratin (a dammed reservoir).  Freila¸ a town of whitewashed houses and caves¸ is on the banks of the reservoir and adjacent to an incredible lunar landscape of eroded mounds of rock.  Cuevas del Campo¸ as suggested by its name¸ is a village of caves¸ and Caniles is the last stop before the exciting climb to the Sierra de Baza National Park.  Cortes de Baza is a charming agricultural village and Galera and Orce are both ancient villages with important Argarian prehistoric sites and an Archaeological Museum which holds the Orce man (El hombre de Orce)¸ a reproduction of the bones of one of the first humans in Europe which were found nearby . Noble Hu?scar is a commercial place with beautiful fertile plains and colourful houses. The Castilian Puebla de Don Fadrique¸ formally a hunting town¸ is at the foot of the striking Sierra de la Sagra at the edge of the region¸ and finally we have Castril¸ a dramatic¸ rural town on the banks of a white water river¸ which nestles under a huge cliff and is at the entrance to the Castril National Park.



      Hu?scar: 9.369 local residents


   Freila: 1.133 local residents


Alhambra (Granada)

Sierra Nevada National Park



Some Local Villages




Baza: 20.685 local residents

  C?llar: 5.229 local residents


Z?jar: 2.933 local residents


  La Puebla de Don Fadrique:

    2.643 local residents


Distances for arrive to Baza

To Alcudia de Guadix

53 km

To Alic?n de Ortega

65 km

To Bacor 45 km
To Benal?a de Guadix 52 km
To  Beas de Segura 154 km
To Benamaurel 13 km
To Caniles 8 km
To Castillejar 28 km
To Castril 67 km
To C?rtes de Baza 24 km
To C?llar 22 km
To Cuevas del Campo 29 km
To Freila 16 km
To Gor 27 km
To Galera 42 km
To Gorafe 37 km
To Guadix 48 km
To Hu?scar 50 km
To La Calahorra 64 km
To Orce 45 km

To Pozo Alc?n

35 km

To Puebla de Don Fadrique 74 km
To Purullena 54 km
To Z?jar 13 km



Where is Baza located?

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Map of towns and villages in the area

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