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New to the area? Discover Baza and some of its surroundings, watch the videos below and take a look at the Baza Tourist Office Website and videos of the local area at our Videos Page.

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Address: Plaza Santiago, Nº 7   Postal code 18.800   Baza (Granada)  - Spain -

€ 130,000

Code: v1214     Property types: Cave house     Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms/WCs: 1     Visits:  3    

Cave castle - 3 bedroom cave house for completion in emblematic natural monument in the centre of the Guadix cave region. All interior picking and shaping work completed. Very spacious and open rooms. Great views. In ideal spot for rentals. The original eco-house. Cave homes in the Baza and Guadix areas make up the largest percentage of requests for accommodations in the tourism offices in Granada province and cave homes consistently achieve the highest occupation rates of any type of accommodation in the province. ---------------------------------------- This house is a reform project of one of the original cave houses in the Guadix area. The cliffs it is excavated from is one of the most emblematic symbols of cave living in Spain and is spectacular to see lit in the evenings. The property is located in a beautiful quiet valley outside of Guadix leading up to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. ------------------ The house has a patio area at its entrance¸ and is designed to have a living room¸ 3 large bedrooms¸ bathroom¸ kitchen with fireplace and garage. The hard and expensive work of picking and re-shaping the cave is completed and the interior finishing work is ready to begin. Official quotes available for completion work. Estimated cost for a standard rustic finish would be about 20¸000 - 30¸000 euros.

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